Welcome to the online meeting platform for St. George Coptic Orthodox Church – Arlington

Please, join one of the services below during their assigned time, you can do that by clicking the desired event, or by calling in the numbers below and entering the meeting ID# for the event or by joining us on youtube livestream below or via the link above the page.
للمشاركة برجاء الضغط على الاجتماع المراد فى الاوقات المحدده له أو عن طريق الاتصال بالارقام فى الاسفل ثم ادخال رقم الاجتماع المراد او عن طريق مشاهدة البث المباشر اسفل الصفحة او اعلى الصفحة

We ask you kindly to pray for the church and the whole world, so that God may have mercy on us and relief the world from the pandemic virus COVID-19 and that the church’s doors will always be open for prayers and holy blessings.

For Meeting Requests: